Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scary Horror Movie Characters Halloween Masks

Scary Horror Movie Characters Halloween Masks There are so many different characters from movies that have been made into scary Halloween masks that you might have a hard time choosing which one you want to wear.
Jason – The horror icon from the Friday the 13th series is a simple hockey mask with a few alterations made to it over the years. This is one mask where no one mask is the same in each movie. This gives the person who wears it a chance to be creative and base it on their favorite movie or scene from a movie.
Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) – The infamous stalker of dreams. Arguably the most popular horror movie icon ever created. Nearly everyone has had a friend who was a fan and dressed up as Freddy Krueger on Halloween. A remake of the original was released in early 2010 so there is bound to be a few new mask styles coming out.
Michael Myers – The ultimate scary Halloween masks based on the character from the film Halloween. Taking the classic mask and adding your own personal touch to it looks great.
Pinhead (Hellraiser) – Actually any of the bad guys from Hellraiser would make great costumes. Pinhead is the character that most people think of when Hellraiser is mentioned.
Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) – To this day the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite horror movie of all time. I will never, ever get tired or watching the original or TCM Part 2.
These are just a handful of the great horror movie icons. There are so many others from so many different eras.
As promised, here are some pics of the best looking scary Halloween masks based on horror movie characters.

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