Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Costume Party Giveaway Ideas

Top 10 Halloween Costume Party Giveaway Ideas

1. Get everyone at work to dress up for Halloween and pay £1for doing so.

2. Make Halloween themed cookies and sweets and sell them at work, school, etc.

3. Have a Halloween Fancy Dress Ball.

4. Halloween movie night – invite round lots of friends, charge them £5 each for the evening (you can’t charge them to watch the movies but you can charge them entry) and watch a marathon of horror movies

5. Horror movie pub quiz

6. Put on your own Rocky Horror Show

7. Make and sell your own Halloween decorations
8. Invite all your neighbours and their children, grandchildren, etc, to take part in a Halloween scavenger hunt – everybody pays £2 to take part, and you can also sell halloween-themed snacks and refreshments. You can host the scavenger hunt in your house or garden or ask a local school or church to loan you their hall free of charge.

9. Halloween fashion show – all your models should look as scary and spooky as possible. You could even ask your local fashion college/university to make the costumes.

10. Horror-Film-a-Thon. Get sponsored to watch as many scary films in the dark as you can, one after the other. See how long you last!!

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