Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hotels Viura In Spain

Spanish design firm Designhouses recently completed hotel "Viura" (Viura), located in the Spanish wine region Rioja Alavesa. Named after the most widespread type of white grapes in Rioja, Viura - new hotel with 26 guest rooms, two bars and a restaurant. As stated in the description of the hotel "Viura? This ancient and famous wine country - a place where old world charm of Spanish wineries are now mixed with cutting-edge architecture, and Viura - a perfect example of this. Although the hotel is located in the heart of a traditional village, next to the church 17th century architecture "Viura - a true departure from tradition. This is a series of cubic forms, set one over another. Architecture, successfully blending the interior with the outside scenery, large windows and terraces guarantee excellent views over the countryside, or church.

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