Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Austrian Streets Painted As A Running Tracks

Austrian architects Sandra Janser and Elisabeth Koller have painted streets in Graz, Austria to resemble a running track as part of a regeneration project. Called Ready. Steady. Go!, the 2500 feets (750m) long installation on the Jakoministra├če and Klosterwiesgasse aims to attract visitors to the area. The installation was completed for Design Month Graz 2010 and won the first prize in a design competition.

Zena Holloway The Photographer Of The Underwater World

Zena Holloway is a professional specialized in underwater photography. She started to distinguish her about it clicking tourists in Cayman Islands in a self-taught way. A little time later, she was part of The Discovery Channel team. Her work is almost magic, combining different techniques of the submersed photography with singular lightness and creativity. Light, movement, colors... Well, the results always are amazing! This talent wouldn't take too long to reach the publicity world and the works of this 33-years-old Englishwoman made part of great advertisings and movies, getting lots of rewards. Zena makes a literally deep and unique work.

Land Over Sculpture

It was unveiled in the middle of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which is the biggest event about vehicles in the world, nowadays and takes place in England. In 2006, it recieved more than 150 000 visitors during 3 days of celebrations that displayed from common cars to F1 cars. Now, imagine placing a giant sculpture with 5 dangling Land Rover cars in the middle of all these visitors: their reaction is awe and admiration.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Amazing Courtyard Homes In Costa Rica

Amazing Courtyard Homes In Costa Rica
This luxurious paradise in Costa Rica is one of the amazing garden of the house plans that I have ever seen. With 4,000 sq. ft. of indoor living space and 2,000 sq. ft. of outdoor entertaining areas, the house takes advantage of environment, located on the crest of a coastal canyon with the Pacific Ocean crashing below and the Costa Rican jungle all around. An outdoor living space features a large infinity pool that flows from under an open sky to a roofed indoor courtyard, blurring the boundary between indoors and out. This wood, five-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom coastal home accommodates eight and includes a caretaker’s quarters to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger during your stay. Even when you’re indoors, vast open windows, terraces and decks evoke the feeling of being outside. Made for entertaining and relaxing, this luxury home boasts “tiki-chic” decor that lends the house a casual atmosphere perfect for you and seven lucky friends on vacation.

Portal Museum Anatomy Documentary Photos

Museum of Anatomy is a collection of documentary photos of works from museums around the world have been recreated on the human body. This work is very complicated and laborious, and sometimes figures turn out to be natural, it is impossible to parse the human body.